Behind The Artworks: FINAL BLAST - The Return From Beyond (2022)


As fans of FINAL BLAST will know, the project is inspired by galactic, sci-fi, and fantasy themes, and there are specific characters (Possibly Mascots) that have been created for the project. Characters like Psyros and the Phantom Lords have appeared on recent releases. Psyros, the main character we see here, is a mysterious intergalactic, possibly interdimensional hero of great power. He has appeared in every Final Blast release since the stand-alone single 'Portals Of Rebirth' (2018). Psyros is part of an ancient clan of united beings blessed by the Celestial Lords, godlike beings of pure positive energy. The clan is called the Ardi, and they were each handpicked, chosen out of the Lords’ desire to create a league of heroes that could protect and assist the inhabitants of the multiverse. He can use these blades as a highly effective shield or can throw them or slash with them. Along with blades, Psyros can also summon lucent energy in other forms, like yellow fire. This artwork continues over from the back CD cover, where we see the Phantom Lord characters casting spells and forming an otherworldy portal where the Revenants from Hell (Devil-like creatures) are taking over the Vardian city. Revenants are created by the Phantom Lords out of sentient cult members. As the multiverse began to fall into chaos with the unbridled rise of the Phantom Lords, Psyros helped some humans escape into a safer universe, in case they were wiped out, through the portals of rebirth.

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