Behind The Tracks: Break Me Down - The Other Life (Single) (2022)

Like the two previous singles, See Me Fall and Lose Your Mind, The Other Life is inspired by the villains in fairy tales. We wanted to give them a voice and tell their story and feelings, because in real life when wronged, all of us can turn to the darkness and feel the desire to do bad things, to take revenge. People are not either pure goodness or evil, they can be both, depending on the challenges their lives present them with. In this song, it is their dark side that wins.

In “The Other Life” the protagonist is Grimhilde, Snow White’s evil queen, who is looking in the mirror and wondering what her life would have been like if she had made different choices and been a better person. Despite her doubts, she concludes that being evil is the only way she can truly be herself.

When we started writing the songs we already had the whole concept in mind and developed all three characters and their visual presentation at the same time.

That’s why the song's EP covers all have identical designs, though every queen has her specific color palette and, most importantly, her unique crown.

We commissioned the drawings to Selena Stark, a super-talented artist who was able to make our vision come true.

While working on the EP covers, we started writing the scripts for the videos, carefully planning every little detail and trying to figure out how to make the evil queens come to life. It wasn’t easy to find the right girl for each role, but every single time we shot a video we were excited and, in the end, very proud of their performances.

We sent Selena photos of the three actresses so she could shape each queen’s features on the girl who was going to play the role on screen.

This whole project has been particularly demanding on our skills, the original ideas and plans weren’t always easy to put into action and we have had a few bumps in the road, but we couldn’t be happier about the final result. We were overwhelmed by our local fans’ enthusiastic reactions, especially during our first live performances of each song, and we appreciate how many streams and views we got internationally.

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