Behind The Tracks: Dark Moon Lilith - Eclipse (Single) (2022)

Eclipse is inspired by an old movie script we found abandoned in our home attic in east Nashville. It was probably never made but in a nutshell, it was about a werewolf and a blood moon, only with a twist. We were so inspired and intrigued that we had to write a song about it! Eclipse has an unsettling yet supernatural vibe like the old movie it is inspired by. This song was also inspired by solar and lunar eclipses. Metaphorically it represents how we ourselves cycle like the eclipses. Shedding old versions of ourselves to be reborn once again, much like the main character in the movie. We worked on eclipse on and off for several years, often leaving it unfinished for long periods of time. But we could only leave it on a shelf for so long because it seemed to never stop haunting us. Screaming to be finished, we had to release it.

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