Behind The Tracks: One Last Day - Out Of The Black (Single) (2022)

Alex, the vocalist, tells about the song and its story:

“Out of the black is a dark tale of abuse at the hands of the most unexpected perpetrators, your partners, and loved ones. Although it's written lyrically man abusing women, we know it happens in all kinds of settings, including women abusing men or just humans abusing humans.

I wrote this song lyrically a few years ago and I took the inspiration from 2 situations including one of a friend and all I wanted to do was save them, and a previous relationship of my own where I had a scenario where I was being attacked when my partner would drink a bottle of wine and wake up like nothing happened.
Fast forward to 2022, myself and the guys have now turned the song into its final form and I hope it’s enjoyed by all music listeners out there.”

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