Behind The Tracks: Witnesses - The Curse Of Tarry Town, Or The Hessian's Diary (Single) (2022)

After The Holy Water EP, the Euphoriadic label invited me to participate on their next comp. I love their old-school, underground vibe comps, so I got to writing. The theme of the comp was folklore, a pretty rich space. The imagery of the headless horseman is something that is really captivating. It's always been simply cool to me.

Like with The Holy Water EP, I wanted the lyrics to still be interesting, or fresh. So for this one, the Hessian passes a certain judgment on young America. The lyrics reference "original sin". I think it's up to listeners to interpret that and the references to reason in their own way.

Musically, The Holy Water EP worked well for me, so I continued with the female vocals and asked Gabbi back. The vocals are layered denser than what we've done in the past. I love it, and think it made a big difference in the arrangement and production. This song is more mid-tempo (from a doomed perspective), which I didn't expect to do, but it worked. Last, and certainly not least, Jørgen Munkeby has been on a few Witnesses releases, but this was the first for the metal side. I love it. The guy is really incredible. I think his outro solo speaks for itself.

I guess from here we'll see what's next. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe it's full-length in this style.

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