Track By Tracks: Cadence - The Big Wheel (2022)

1. Tangier:

“Tangier” is set in the Strait of Gibraltar, serving as a metaphor for lovers who almost touch but are an ocean apart. One’s heaven and the other one’s hell. The smooth phaser guitars mix with brass guitar synth and airy vocals to form a marine atmosphere where “metal ships float in the water” and “rays of sun play with the waves that sparkle back”.

2. Somewhere In This World:

“Somewhere In This World” is a song of gratitude. Modern life is entrenched in the comfort of a daily routine. But in the background of one’s usual daily route, there is the unease from TV, radio, and social media, which constantly broadcast catastrophes, conflicts, and human pain. This song is about the awareness of human suffering, but also the gratitude that on most days life is pain-free.

3. Headphones:

An aging rocker is a funny business: “Headphones” is about the dissonance between the mundane daily life of a family man, and the imaginary world that exists in his mind as soon as he puts the headphones on and the guitars start riffing inside his head. You Break ups are never easy, but the worst kind is those that linger on while two lovers drift apart.

4. You:

You, is about a lover who is fading away and disappearing gradually. Written and produced with subtlety, the almost-identical chords blend with the vocals and reverberated guitars to create a thin cloud of sadness.

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