Track By Tracks: Murnau - Cellophane Radio (2022)

1. Baltic Sea:

One of those songs that came together quickly once we started writing it. Definitely the “poppiest” song on the album but still keeps some of that heavy grunge that is consistent throughout the album.

2. Awake:

Like all the tracks, we released this as an alternate single mix earlier this year. It wasn’t until adding the Mellotron and remixing it for the album that the song really felt complete and what it should be. Definitely some Deadsy vibes in there.

3. Dear Darkness:

We almost never do cover songs and strangely enough, we have two on this album. But, we like to focus on tracks we can make our own. PJ Harvey’s original had the tone and lyrical qualities that reflect a lot of what we do. We just played it our way.

4. Repent:

Probably the most “rock” track on the album. Catchy heavy guitar riff with non-stop drums. Also the only song with an actual guitar solo on the album. Very dependent on the looper pedal when playing this one live.

5. Dalia:

No Murnau album is complete without one long-building track. The first half was some of the quietest work we’ve ever done. This was the song that convinced us to add Mellotron to the album.

6. Solara:

The second cover song on the album. This time from one of our influences, The Smashing Pumpkins. Again did our own grungey twist to the original structure.

7. Primroses:

This track took the longest to come together. We knew we had something with the riffs, but it went through quite a few phases and structures before what was recorded. It was worth the wait though as it’s quickly becoming a lot of listeners' favorite track off the album.

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