Track By Tracks: OUTWARD - MMXX - MMXXII (2022)

1. Cremation of Care:

VK: This one is a bit esoteric. Cremation of Care is a ritual carried out by dark occultists who, in my opinion, use it for invoking evil into the world and making sure people look the other way. The song is basically a plea for the population to pay attention to what's happening and at the tragic end, evil wins.

2. Akin:

VK: The lyrics are basically saying that a large mass of people is unable to stand up to a much smaller enemy and that we cannot win this ongoing war. By accepting that evil, we are basically an enemy to ourselves, or akin to the existing one.

3. Dancing Shadows:

VK: This song is about alcohol addiction causing one to see who they really are. Demons chase after them but in reality, it's just their personal demons coming to life.

4. Voices:

VK: Kind of similar to Dancing Shadows, but the Voices in your head are actual intruders which you haven't really let in. It can be a mirroring of mental illness or somebody doing that to you to make you feel helpless and unwell.

5. Rays of the Sun:

VK: Rays of the Sun represent something beautiful and powerful, basically the happiness you want to reach in life, but the lyrics introduce intrusive elements like bad people or forces who want to take it from you. The song was originally called Race to the Sun, but ended up being renamed to honor our favorite Czech band of the same name as the song title.

6. Aftermath (live):

VK: This track has yet to be recorded in the studio, but it is my absolute favourite. It's from Adam's unrealized older project but became "outwardized". It depicts a future situation where the world is about to end and tells you that you shouldn't be sad when good things end but instead appreciate them.

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