Band Biographies: Absolon

Absolon is an exciting and dynamic heavy metal band founded by singer/songwriter Ken Pike. The group combine traditional NWOBHM and European metal with today’s symphonic power metal. Absolon has managed to create a sound all its own, new yet familiar.

Having been heralded as one of the vanguards of the ‘New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal’ (NWTHM), Absolon is bent on taking the metal world by storm. Their debut album, an epic concept CD titled Darkness Rising: The Tale Of Derek Blackheart, was released to great reviews and fanfare in Europe and the US. It was regularly compared to Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime in scope and ambition.

Absolon continues its legacy with the release of its newest album A Portrait Of Madness via Sliptrick Records, another mind-blowing and epic concept album.

Absolon is:

Ken Pike – Vocals 
Marc Vanderberg – Guitar/Bass 
Ryo Pike – Keyboards/Synth/Piano/Orchestration

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