Band Biographies: Hartlight

Hartlight was born in the minds of Noémie Allet and Adrien Djouadou. They both met in the context of music and fell in love with each other. They both share a passion for music, anime, mangas, video games, and games in general.

Noémie wanted to write and compose songs and Adrien proposed to do the arrangements and the instruments. Together, they recorded the songs « Victorious Heart » and « Hartlight » while they were still searching for their style.

After reading Berserk together, Noémie had the idea to create a full EP about this incredible story. This context made the duo go into a more Power Metal style with symphonic elements to translate the epicness and emotions of the story. The EP would be called « From Midland and Beyond » and had its first intimate release on the Bandcamp of the band. After a while, the label WormWholeDeath spotted it on the internet and signed a first deal with the band.

Now, Hartlight is writing an album about their favorite stories because they want to recall and share tales and works they love. The band wants to make people dream and take them on those journeys that gave them courage and support.

They plan to play live in the near future. They will be gathering members to complete the team and play their songs on stage after the first album will be fully written.

Line Up:

Noémie Allet: Vocals, songwriting, lyrics
Adrien Djouadou: Guitar, bass, drums, backings, arrangements

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