Band Biographies: MOLITOTH

Brandt is a Vocalist/Producer/Composer from Kansas City, Missouri (USA) that has released a 3-part diary series; Preface/Body Matter/Epilogue with the band A LIGHT WITHIN, and has collaborated with Post-Metal act SISTERS OF..., with critical acclaim, among others. Originally, Brandt was the only member of MOLITOTH on 2020's album The Tribunal handling the lion’s share of work, creating and recording the release. Building on that foundation, Brandt decided to expand the band beyond just himself. First onboarding Madelyn Robertson, a friend and collaborator of Brandt’s who appeared on The Tribunal, on guitar and keys. The pair then added drummer Sam Sartorius who has brought his deft but powerful rhythm work to the material. The sessions for the new album have seen all three members contributing to the writing and recording process, with stunning results. This has led to an organic evolution of the band's sound which takes elements of progressive and technical metal and fuses them with impassioned lyrics and playing. This has allowed the band to shatter any previous restraints and deep dive into fulfilling their full creative vision.


Kyle Brandt (Vox, Keys, FX)
Madelyn Robertson (Guitars, Keys)
Sam Sartorius (Drums)

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