Band Biographies: Weight Of Emptiness

Weight Of Emptiness is a death metal band that fuses melodic and progressive elements, whose music uses various styles within extreme metal and together with the lyrics, seek to express emotions and feelings from the depths of the human being.

Originally from Santiago, Chile, and formed in 2015, the band has two previous albums, Anfractuous Moments For Redemption (2017) and Conquering The Deep Cycle (2019) which received the “Escuchar” Award as Best Extreme Metal Album. Weight Of Emptiness has toured several countries in Latin America and Europe, giving a powerful and emotional stage show, which never leaves the public indifferent and has earned them recognition as one of the main groups of the style on the continent.

Under the tireless search for new sounds to express emotions, the group will release their third album Withered Paradogma via Sliptrick Records, composed in the lonely and full of uncertain times of the global pandemic, and comes to show a new direction for Weight Of Emptiness, which will seek to illuminate the deepest darkness of the soul.

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