Behind The Artworks: Greybeard - Dark Age (2022)

Ross: I was hiking in the Rocky Mountains a couple of years ago when I took the photo that we’re using on the cover. The trail is called Ptarmigan Cirque and it’s one of the best views for easy hikes in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains (IMO!) I loved the drama and intensity of the peaks I captured so when it came time to make the album cover I decided to jump into Photoshop and layer on the sun and the other effects. I really like the dramatic effect it creates with the intensity of the Sun behind these ominous looking mountains. It makes me feel primal, makes me think of “end of days”, or “beginning of time” … and since the story of “Dark Age” is rooted in our civilization collapsing after we cross the tipping point for climate change, I think the image works.

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