Behind The Artworks: Small Town Saviours - Small Town Saviours (2023)

1. Who designed the artwork? What does the artwork represent?

Our drummer, Carl D designed the artwork, and says this about it:

The image was captured at Dave Draper’s studio, while we were making the album. He had recently acquired the Jesus statue and had made a start adorning him with some pimping new accessories. The statue was originally installed in an 18th Century (I think - Let’s just say very old). You will note that he only has one hand - The story here is that Italian soldiers would go past the church on the way to war, and would touch Jesus for luck, and it’s quite common that they would often take his hand with them into battle.

So he has now been brought up to date with some new sunglasses etc, and sits in Draper’s studio, blessing all the souls that record there. We thought it would be in keeping with the “Saviours” vibe. Shot on iPhone and bashed with a couple of filters to make it pop.

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