Behind The Scenes: The Flaying - Angry, Undead (Official Video)

Without any budget and only one camera, we were determined to make a gory video clip. It all started with the ShredFest, where The Flaying was performing in August 2022. We contacted the band to shoot some footage of their performance and talked about making a video clip for their song, Angry, Undead. All the aspects of this song fit perfectly our vision; brutal riffs, gutturals vocals, and complex rhythms. We draw our guidelines pretty quickly and improvise during the process. We wanted to infuse aesthetics similar to a classic horror movie, such as Evil Dead. The complete thing was really spontaneous and instinctive. We had a blast! Considering our budget and limited options, we managed to get a really satisfying result – for around 13$ total! Émile Roy (Methlab massacre media)

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