Behind The Tracks: Once In A While - Catharsis (Single) (2022)

The concept of our new single 'Catharsis' has its roots in the process of catharsis, which is the necessary path to free the human soul from painful and traumatizing experiences. Once In A While songs have always focused on the nuances of the human beings and their emotions. We try to provide the listener with a non-trivial view of these topics and to leave him free to interpret our texts. The song embodies all the typical aspects of our composing technique as well as a varied structure. Aggressive riffs are accompanied by melodic parts and emotional choruses, which end up into a breakdown and a truly intense finale. This sound is combined with a modern production and classic orchestrations. Our first release 'Earthfall' became really popular in our music scene, so we worked hard and we will continue to do, to offer our listeners a new and more curated product. For us, the release of a new work represents the closing of a circle, but in a drawing that we have just begun to sketch. Stay Once​.

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