Track By Tracks: Eldfaerd - Skymningsland (2022)

1. Själafrid:

We created a small story about an old warrior who is seeking his soul peace. So, it´s basically an epic song about an old man and his memories from the past and the journey to the end that he is longing for. And the music needs to carry him through his journey. Which I think it does. The intro kicks off with waves on the shore and then a battle horn is sounding, it´s to get the feeling of the old warrior and his many journeys to the sea. We also implemented four strong runes that are specifically tied to the lyrics, and it makes a kind of mantra, which then repeats in the break.

2. Skymningsland:

This is a story about some warriors far away from home and they are fighting for their lives against the darkness, cold and some beasts attacking them. You see everything through the eyes of one of the warriors. I mixed some aggressive riff in the verses with some catchier riffs in the chorus. I wanted the listener to feel a bit of hope in the chorus, they are fighting hard and maybe they can defeat them. And then this break comes in the song, and you got this epic feeling. This is the moment the warrior feels that this is it and then he takes his last breath.

3. Djupa Skogars Hav:

It´s about a man who meets a creature in the stream, and the man is lured down to the water by the beautiful tunes the creature plays on its strings. This is a bit scary, and a sad story and the music is reflecting it. Before the chorus, the music becomes a bit sinister and then it breaks out into a part that sounds epic like the environment in the story is told.

4. Huldran:

This is a story about a boy who is wandering in the forest, and he stumbles upon a Huldra, which is a mythical being in the shape of a beautiful woman, but in fact, she is a dangerous predator hunting for the boy’s soul. He is bewitched by her, and her creatures and he falls into a dreamlike state, and is slowly suffocating. This is the fastest song on the EP, and I wanted the sound to be aggressive black metal in the verses to show that this boy is going into danger. And then an epic chorus to mirror the beauty and greatness of this creature. There is a break in the song where you even hear her calling and luring him closer. And then in the end when the boy is lost, there is an outro with clean guitars. I think it is a perfect ending for these four tales on the ep.

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