Track By Tracks: HELLRAZOR - Hanging On By A Thread (2022)

1. Hanging on By A Thread:

A song about a person who is unsatisfied with where they are in life. The same constant daily routine grinding away and his outlook on where he's headed

2. First Blood:

Vietnam veteran returns from a tour where he has difficulty adjusting to civilian life.

3. Your Love Is So Bad:

One person is emotionally invested but the other person is very ambivalent about the relationship

4. Dominator:

A song about addiction with a constant craving for something you want but know you shouldn't have. Whether that's drugs, alcohol, porn, sex, shopping, etc.

5. Living Tomorrow In Sorrow:

A song about a loved one that passed away.

6. Me, Myself and I:

A song about chasing one's passion or dreams.

7. Good From Far, Far From Good:

A song about superficiality.

8. Power and Influence:

A song about a Police officer who questions their job and their sanity.

9. Out In The Cold:

One person isn't emotionally available leaving the other person guessing the relationship.

10. The Boy That You Once Knew:

It's a story of a man who goes to prison for life only to find out his son is following in the same footsteps causing the vicious cycle to continue.

11. The Choice Is Yours:

Choices people make in life and whatever choice is made there are positive and negative consequences to those choices but ultimately, they're the ones making the choice.

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