Track By Tracks: Hollywood Nightmare - The Rayne (2022)

1. Inferno:

The idea is about the Different layers of Hell according to “Dantes inferno”. A Evil young man ends up in Limbo talking to a demon wondering where he’s at, and the demon explains he’s about to go to hell and after judging what he has done in life will determine what level of hell he ends up in.

2. The Haunted:

The haunted is based on a house I use to live in when I was 18. I lived in the house all by myself and didn’t realize till later how much paranormal activity I would have to endure being in that house. It was so bad at one point I ran out of the house at 3pm and never returned. I could actually probably make a movie off of it, and the song doesn’t even explain half of what happened there.

3. Fade Out:

This song is based on how crazy me and Scott used to party when we were 20-22. Our drinking was out of control and every waking moment was spent drinking and partying in Hollywood and doing things we probably shouldn’t have done.

4. Temptation:

I wrote this song about my now girlfriend that was my high school crush. It’s about how you can be so mesmerized by a person and that feeling you get when you finally get a chance with the one you want.

5. Fire:

When I and Scott were living off of Hollywood we noticed that most people in the entertainment business were fake and would claim to be people that they weren’t or were doing things that they weren’t. It was so frustrating that we wrote it basically saying stop trying to impress people by lying, you need the drive and talent to really make it out here and we’re not dumb. We see right through you.

6. In A Beginning:

This song is the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Mostly just the part of Lucifer talking to Eve, tempting her to eat the apple and unleash chaos.

7. Slow motion:

This song was a song I wrote and dedicated to my grandfather who raised me and sadly took his life. It’s a lot about what I felt, if there was something more I could do and if there was something that I did that made him do the things he did. Definitely the most emotional song to create on the album.

8. The Rayne:

This song is about my little sister Madison Rayne who suffers from alopecia and how she had to deal with life and cyberbullying because of her condition.

Eventually, she had enough and tried to take her life when I was watching her one night, and I had to rush her to the hospital thinking at any moment she could be gone. And all I was saying was “please keep breathing for me”.

9. Super Nova:

This song is my coming out of tough situations stronger anthem. During the making of this album I was put through so much trauma. Suicide, suicidal attempts, Covid, loneliness, job loss and much more.

But I’ve always said life won’t throw anything at you that you can’t handle. So I wrote this song on the idea that no matter what happens, and how bad I’m down, I’ll always come out stronger.

10. Ash:

This song is about how I was cheated on by someone that I thought loved me. I wanted to very much hurt the guy that slept with her and I was saddened by her lies and silence. But once a relationships flame dies out, all that’s left is ash.

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