Track By Tracks: IATT - Album Singles (2022)

1.Seven Wandering Stars:

“Seven Wandering Stars is sure to haunt the listener with its infectious melodies and a hook that is brimming with epic grandeur. The song’s poetic search for enlightenment and evolution is carried by a relentless and rhythmic strike while featuring hexes evoked by the endless chants of Jake Superchi (UADA).”

featuring Jake Superchi (UADA) & Ben Karas (Thank You Scientist / Windfaerer) on violin

2. Prima Materia

“Following a different route, Prima Materia carries the listener on an epic voyage and showcases IATT’s more progressive side. While classically aggressive and grandiose, this track’s twists and turns pull at one’s emotions and pump adrenaline through the veins.” featuring Zach Strouse (Burial In The Sky / Rivers Of Nihil) on saxophone

3. Elixir of Immorality:

“From hypnotic bells to crushing buzz saw riffs, Elixir Of Immortality envelopes the listener with each punishing rhythmic hit. An infectious groove that drags you down into the abyss with each dissonant chord; Don’t get caught sleeping when the bell tolls for you..” featuring Ben Karas (Thank You Scientist / Windfaerer) on violin

4. Ouroboros

"‘Round the wheel goes - A relentless assault repeatedly with the album’s second track. A fast-paced spin that showcases a dizzying spell cast by Jørgen Munkeby (Emperor / Shining) on sax. Too many twists and turns to truly grasp on the first take, we recommend setting Ouroboros on loop.”

featuring Jørgen Munkeby (Emperor / Shining) on saxophone

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