Track By Tracks: Love Ghost - VENGANZA DEL FANTASMA (2022)

1. Ghost Town:

Surrounded by mystery, Ghost Town is both equally Western Cowboy and Futuristic Cyber Punk. Recorded in Mexico, this collaboration with the acclaimed Santa RM touches on issues of mental health, Loneliness, and a spiritual battle with one’s demons. Produced by Mike Summers [Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne]. Watch the video:

2. Inferno: 

If storytelling through the eyes of a psychopath was an art form, then inferno masters it. A mix between Grunge and Cholo rap, this song ventures deep into the borders of our minds and souls that some are afraid to go inside of. It also features the Chicano legend Conejo. Produced by Mike Summers. Watch the video:

3. AL13N:

By far the most light-hearted and at times comedic, this song still holds true to the “outcast” vibe of the entire E.P. ALI3N ventures into the lane of HyperPop more than anything else, echoing the likes of Glaive and Midwxst, ALI3N will have your head banging in your car. The song features Spanish Emo singer Vanity Vercetti, and was produced by Love Ghost’s own Little Trauma (aka Cory Batchler). Watch the Video:

4. Pick Myself Apart:

A disturbing and haunting love song, Pick Myself Apart touches on what the inside of a hopeless romantic’s psyche looks like. Lyrics such as “I would slit my throat just to be you” encapsulate the emotional journey of this song. Featuring Spanish Pop artist Lou Cornago. Produced by Mike Summers. Watch the video:

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