Track By Tracks: Termination Force - Netherworld (2022)

1. After the Fall:

This was written to be the most straightforward track of the EP, with heads down no nonsense kicking things off straight away letting you know what you're in for. The synth intro was added as a last-minute idea when messing around with old analog gear in the studio.

2. Termination Force:

Termination Force was the first track ever written, which was demoed at home. I wrote this track and sent to Rich, asking if he'd be up for doing a band like this and he was well up for it. Lyrically it's about a dystopian future where cybernetic enforcers silence anyone who rebels against the state.

3. Target Locked:

This was the second track written, which we put out as a demo with Termination Force. It demonstrates pretty well what kind of sound was trying to achieve with lots of different parts going on, but with a focus on melody. It's about an assassin that's tracking down its target and you can't get away. This appears to be our most popular track on the EP if streaming stats is anything to go by! It's also my favorite to play so far.

4. Heart Racer:

The overall feel of the EP is quite dark, so we needed a more positive track to contrast the rest of the songs. It's very much an early 80s traditional metal kinda song, with a lot of energy. Keeping in with the sci-fi theme, it's about a future drug that propels your heart rate at many times its normal rate so your body has to keep up, making you super alert for days, like an atomic energy drink!

5. Netherworld:

This track takes a lot of musical themes from the old Commodore 64 game of the same name. The composer, Jori Olkkonen wrote some awesome music for the game and we hope we did it justice. The lyrics came about as thought around the current population crisis that is often talked about here on Earth. Instead of slogging through the relentless drudgery of life and as a solution to overpopulation, you could elect to have your body destroyed but have your mind live on as a replication in a digital world where you could live out your life in a paradise of your own choosing. But, as with everything in the modern world, corporate incompetence and governmental maliciousness would see the digital network that supports the Netherworld neglected and eventually fail. People’s digital lives would cease to be as the hardware fails and yet they would have no idea. It’s a population cull carried out under the guise of living the perfect digital life.

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