Band Biographies: Artificial Sun

Artificial Sun started in Athens, Greece until recently originally known under the name Trigger. After several line-up changes, as well as changes in their musical style, the band moved to a five-piece line-up. With the plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds of each band member, ranging from different genres of metal, they are showing no limitations with their writing ability and style. Artificial Sun manages to create its metal sound through osmosis of collaborating ideas between each member, which is manifested seamlessly under their own terms.

The group is constantly searching to explore new musical elements to implement in their sound, thus making the experience an expanding journey for the band and for the listener as well. The musical fundamentals of Artificial Sun are diverse elements that lead to the creation of a characteristic and unique sound that can be heard on their long-awaited upcoming debut album The Giants Collapse.

Just as the natural Sun gives life to Earth, Artificial Sun gives life to its music!

Artificial Sun is:

Kostas Lolis – Vocals
Stamoulakis Bouris – Lead Guitar
Giannis Synodinos – Bass
Kostas Tsifopoulos – Drums

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