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Feeling Worthless was born at the beginning of 2020 in Cancun, Quintana Roo after being founded as an independent project of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, which later his sound would evolve towards new horizons, bordering on the complex simplicity of Shoegaze, Post-Rock, and Blackgaze.

Originally the band's trajectory was to resort to monochrome, gloomy, and violent to convey the pain and misery of existence itself, from a point of view poetic, metaphorical, and artistic view. It sought more ambitiously to worship the deity Ixtab, Mayan Goddess of Suicide who still has a leading role in some of the band songs.

Currently, the band bets more on the complexity of its instrumentation and lyrics, without leaving behind elements typical of the DSBM such as Shreiking (screams of pain) or suicidal ideation within conceptual, musical, and ethical art.


We only seek to create a soundtrack with which people who can feel identified cope with their situation in a better way. We encourage everyone to always seek a better future while remaining realistic or ignoring the gray nuances of the day and learning to deal with them.


Xinx Asklas D'Vagard - Vocalist and Founder (2020 - Present)
Doctor "T" - Bassist, Current Guitarist, and Founder (2020 - Present)
Witchlord - Drummer (2022 - Present)
Sick Philips - Drummer, and Guitarist (2020 - 2020)


22/03/2020 - Desciendo, Corto y Muero (Single)
28/03/2020 - Jornadas De Automutilación (EP)
15/04/2020 - The Muse Of The Misunderstood (Single)
29/04/2020 - A Place Full of Banalities (Single)
12/08/2021 - Sleepless Cadaver & Feeling Worthless - Lost Illusions (Split)
26/02/2022 - Mireya (Demo Pre-Release 2022) (Single)
13/10/2022 - Autoestima Cero (Single)
15/12/2022 - CDVR (Full Length)

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