Behind The Artworks: Carbellion - Weapons Of Choice (2023)

The artwork for the new record took its inspiration from the feeling we think the record will give the listener. It should make you feel like you’re putting the pedal to floor and it’s going to be a hell of a ride! We really dig nostalgia and the vibe from the early days of drag racing where people were pushing things to the limit; past the edge of safety and beyond fear, the next limit to break was everything. It’s a bit of what went into this record for us musically as were writing and recording the songs. To capture this we worked with a tattoo and graphic design friend of ours who helped bring this to life with the concept of a creating a magazine cover that looks from that era. We snuck a ton of “easter eggs” into the album cover for fans of the band to enjoy as well. The other graphics from the vinyl record tie into this drag racing hot rod cars vibe and will be shared online when the records comes out. Dig it? We do!

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