Behind The Artworks: Little Villains - Battle Of Britain (2023)

The album cover was designed by James with a nod to 1968’s Battle of Britain movie and Christopher Fielden’s world of book writing. Little Villains adopted a book or DVD-type album cover with a classic layout like an early Beatles record. The band is in WW2-era pilot wear with stills captured from their Hawker Hurricane video that was released in 2020, also filmed at Middlezoy Aerodrome: 

The ribbons on the Little Villains logo are similar to Airfix model kit design but with basic symbols instead of Messerschmitts and Spitfires tussling. There are also several hand drawings by James, depicting the winner of the battle. It’s not really a concept album due to tracks 4, 7, and 9, however, even the Battle of Britain movie wanders off the topic into Susannah York’s bedroom!

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