Behind The Artworks: Spider Mother Earth - Insights Of Prophecy (2022)

The work of Insights of Prophecy is inspired by the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield, which reports 9 revelations inscribed one in each ancient manuscript, and as they are revealed they explain and simplify the meaning of life, namely about false beliefs worldly.

The album contains 9 songs, each of which contains a vision of one or several insights.

Insights of Prophecy, is a vision of an internal path that every human being must follow, on a journey into himself, where he can consciously explore new worlds within himself, in constant and evolutionary learning, to create a new reality through taking from the new consciousness, revealed in the 9 manuscripts, the 9 insights of the prophecy, to a balanced life between the material world and the spiritual world.

There are no mere coincidences. There are synchronicities sent by the universe, in order to awaken our internal evolution, combined with our life mission.

The central elements of the cover summarize the facts and key aspects of the above.

The man who walks in the middle of nature leaving behind his own shadows, using the content of the manuscript, which guides him towards the new direction, allied to his conscience, of obtaining spiritual transmission, in connection with his superior Self.

The key symbolizes that we hold the internal tools necessary for our evolution and that we just need to know how to access and use them correctly.

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