Behind The Artworks: Submit Thy Will - Time To Kill (2022)

The story behind our ‘Time to Kill’ Album Art

The album art for this first record (Time to Kill) was definitely inspired by our band's name – demonstrating how everyone has to ‘submit’ to something. Even the king in the album art is finding out that he now has to ‘submit his will’ to the dragon in the mountain. There is always someone or something bigger and badder!

We are all subservient to a higher power, government, job, school, relationship, or creed. All we ask is that you allow us to take you, the listener, on a musical journey if you will simply Submit Thy Will to the music we bring!

Now, the album's name, ‘Time to Kill,’ is the more sinister side of the coin toss. It’s a very innocent phrase on one hand, on the other hand, it’s a horrifying reality if executed. The art reflects that with the dragon as you’re not really sure how the dragon will react to the king’s submission. Does he accept the king?

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