Behind The Tracks: Axamenta - Blast Christmas (Single) (2022)

So we have been on the look out to record a few cover songs before we drop our EP. With the intent to spread our name and warm up the media a bit, so when we do release our EP the "algorhitm" hopefully favors us a bit more than is the case now 🙂

We were never interested in covering "Enter Sandman" or "Reign in Blood", every band has done that by now, we want to try something that hasn't been done before. With that in mind, it was a few days before Christmas and I was going about my business filling in the dishwasher while "Last Christmas" was playing on the radio ... and suddenly it hit me ... "Blast Christmas": A fierce black metal cover of "Last Christmas" :-o. So I whatsapped the guys and they immediately started spewing lyrics. I took that as a sign that we could go ahead, so I locked myself in my studio and the next evening the instrumental version was ready.

Then it was just a case of finetuning the lyrics which was done mostly by Sven Deckers, Peter recording all the Vocals and me (Ian) and Jerre doing the clean vocals at the end. We also had our dear friend Sven Dupon (former vocalist of Zero Gravity RIP) perform a few vocal takes. Mixing was done by Sven Janssens. So many Svens, I feel there must have been one very famous Sven in the late 70ties that resulted in an entire generation being named after him ...

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