Behind The Tracks: Disconnected Souls - Dissonant Whispers (Single) (2023)

"Dissonant Whispers" is collectively one of our favourite tracks out of everything we've composed so far. Thematically and musically it delivers multiple layers of meaning while still being open to interpretation by our listeners. We're huge fans of fantasy, literature, gaming and DnD, and these influences are particularly apparent in this track! The narrative of the song sees an unknown entity cast a powerful and psychological spell on our protagonist, who then begins to manifest in their mind an attack from ghostly sirens who emerge from the sea... at least that's what it seems. The lyrics follow the gradual decline of our protagonist until they meet their nightmarish end.

Vast cinematic soundscapes really make this track by enhancing the atmosphere that (we hope) aptly suits the storyline. Of course, it's layered with multiple electronics, orchestral and folk instruments, along with heavy guitars. In this respect it follows the typical Disconnected Souls sound. But it definitely shows off another side of our compositional style compared to the Warring Elements EP and recent singles such as "Kintsukuroi" and "Petrichor". Ultimately we always wanted "Dissonant Whispers" to have an epic feel and we think we might have just achieved it. Patrick's edgier cleans and intense harsh vocals are a stark contrast to Holly's more ethereal voice, and these styles also help to bring our eerie tale to life. It's this combination of otherworldly elements along with the dark and heavy that we really enjoy experimenting with.

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