Behind The Tracks: The Stone Eye - Donora (Single) (2023)

"Donora was, I'd like to believe, the fifth or sixth track completed off of our upcoming record, Fata Morgana. The verse and chorus riffs, plus melodies, had existed for some time prior to the song's completion but had sat in limbo as we had other songs around this time take shape in a more fluid manner. Initially, my (Stephen) vision for the song was for it to be short and sweet. However, upon revisiting the tune that vision was quickly scrapped for what soon became something much more elaborate as the four of us experimented in the rehearsal space. The bridge sections of the song in particular are a high moment of the record in my opinion, as it truly showcases our collaborative efforts coming together in something that is truly unique yet at the same time, cohesive in the context of the song. lyrically, I'll leave it up to audience interpretation in regards to exact details, but the lyrics were written with a goal in mind of matching the moody, almost dreary tonalities of the instrumental & melody. We hope you dig it!" - The Stone Eye

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