Track By Tracks: Cthulhu Dreamt - Precursor (2023)

Album description: 

Precursor is the album that sets up the Cthulhu Dreamt universe for the next chapter; the Cthulhu Dreamt TTRPG. It includes songs and musical themes that will be reprised in the soundtrack for the game and continues dealing with the general nature of the project.

Track descriptions:

1. EDGe Before Nothing:

A melodic death metal song about the thoughts of one soldier’s perspective, fighting the battle against Cthulhu and his creatures.

2. Harbinger:

A short, choral interlude built on a clashing dissonant sound that represents the otherworldly creatures that inhabit the world of Cthulhu Dreamt.

3. Precursor:

A djent-oriented song that deals with the need for everyone to work together in creating a cohesive front for any resistance (Thar Sands) Obelus - an acoustic and world instrument rendition of our track “Obelus” from the Liminality album. This version was created to continue expanding the sound palette of Cthulhu Dreamt’s music.

4. Euclidean Fields:

A simple track that uses broken rhythms to emulate the feelings within the lyrics about losing a person you thought would be with you until the end.

5. Dreamcatcher:

An acoustic lullaby that prepares those invested in the Cthulhu Dreamt world for The Dream, which is a significant catalyst within the backstory of the concept.

6. TRACE Amounts of Death:

A mixed-genre metal piece about the creatures now affecting everyday life in the world, and what they do. One of the riffs introduced in this track play a recurring role in the OST.

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