Track By Tracks: Gia G - Cosmic Wave (2022)

1. Cosmic Wave:

A groovy, upbeat rock instrumental, with great harmonics, whammy bar insanity, technical pull-offs and bends, and more of Gia’s signature ‘Tap Harmonic Technique’, while using some jazzy modal scales.


This ballad shows another side of Gia’s music. Displaying her acoustic playing and slapping acoustic playing. A great feel and vibe make the listener daydream in a world all their own. Along with great solo leads, her lyrical style makes the guitar tell a story. The ending solo is truly one of the best lead solos Gia has done to date with an amazing feel, vibe, and phrasing.

3. Intricate Fusion:

A real step forward in Gia’s musical journey. Taking her Tap Harmonic Tapping Technique to another level with fusion guitar leads and phrases while using jazz scales and modes with some intense legato playing plus whammy bar craziness. Mark George’s drumming is excellent with a great groove and feels, flowing and bringing out more of the overall song. Paul Engle on bass is also outstanding, playing in the fusion world of bass, mixed in with rock and blues, creating his own composition within the song. The different sections of the song change, another Gia G signature style which she did on previous releases The Ladder. Interwoven in the track, Gia shows her keyboard creativity with a great bluesy, jazzy lead playing to the acoustic ending. The 3 members of the group are a powerhouse with the experimental new wave style on this song and EP. Intricate Fusion takes the listener on a true musical journey.

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