Track By Tracks: Kryptoxik Mortality - Symbiotic Assimilation (2022)

1. Invasion:

An ambient track that strives to capture the fear and intensity that a human couple is experiencing as they run for their lives from a small force of Alien hunters. As the world has begun to fall into chaos you can hear the sirens and radio chatter going off in the distance while the couple is attempting to escape. If you listen carefully as the footsteps begin there are original two sets but the female then trips as her significant other's footsteps continue to retreat in the distance. The snarls and trills of the Alien hunter unit can then be heard as they surround her and her breathing stops. 

2. Bred for Slaughter:

Humanity is on the brink of total Extermination. The Aliens overlords have now hunted and rounded up a large population of humans and have relocated them into livestock pens. There they are forced to breed and reproduce like cattle as an unlimited food source for the new regime. 

3. Embryonic Metamorphosis:

As Humanity continues to crumble the Alien forces begin to reproduce. However in order to do so their young must Incubate in an Embryonic state inside of a living host both man and beast. During the incubation process, the embryos begin to take shape and feed on the living tissue and organs of the host it is inhabiting. As the creature begins to take its form its host, alive or dead is then torn apart from the inside as the Metamorphosis is completed, thus creating the ultimate Apex predator. 

4. Systematic Devourment:

The alien overlords begin to hunt mankind for sport and devour the prey to gain human memories. 

5. Banquet of Human Entrails:

To celebrate the victory over Humanity The overlords dine on the flesh Of captured humans in a grand Banquet. Meanwhile, to keep the other captives well-fed for further harvest, the scraps of the Banquet are emptied into feeding troughs. The captive humans are forced to eat their own In order to survive. 

6. Organic Disfigurement:

A mad alien scientist begins splicing human And animal DNA to create horrible abominations that begin to ravage the already compromised human resistance. The mind games yield high rewards. 

7. Symbiotic Assimilation:

The now large empire of aliens has begun to mine the world for the vast precious resources it holds. As Humanity continues to plague the planet and disrupt the new regimes' progress. A meeting is held to Assimilate the remaining humans as pets and servants... Until all resources are under regime control 

8. Genocidal Cravings:

At this point, the new regime emperor Is fed up with Humanity and its constant struggle for survival. He calls for the immediate Extermination and mass genocide of all living things on the planet. The earth, now bleed dry of all resources left a barren wasteland where much of humanity's resistance has been crushed. Track 9: Interspecies Insemination A well know and highly respected Nobel has had a perverse lust for human flesh beyond Devourment. He impregnates a human who then dies in childbirth. The grand elders see the half human half alien abomination and call a trial the father is forced to choose between eating his child or dying as the regime leaves the planet a barren empty husk.

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