Track By Tracks: Nihilist Death Cult - Death To All Tyrants (2022)

Death To All Tyrants is about how the corporate-sponsored news media feeds you the stories and ideas they are paid to push… it’s about the victims standing up to the tyrants… it’s about choosing your own path and not blindly following norms if they don’t suit you.

Track by track explained (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

1. Follow the Money:

Is about paying attention to who’s paying the bill or who’s gaining all the profits Hunting For Prey – is about an irresponsible piece of shit on humanity’s shoe that went around knowingly giving AIDS to his sexual partners, described as a “black hole of human emotion”

2. Obey & Consume:

Is about just following blindly and not questioning anything, being a good consumer… the time to fight is always now, not later (inspired by John Carpenter’s They Live)

3. Wake Up!:

More about media manipulation and brainwashing.

4. Death To all Tyrants:

Is about the underdog stepping up to the tyrant and winning

5. Ready For War:

This one literally says “turn off the tv, think for yourself, turn off the news, you’re brainwashed” in it.

6. Imperium:

Is about not bowing to anyone, “we will never bleed or bend our knee”

7. Is This Progress?:

About how media sells us a culture of fear on a daily basis, and how the masses blindly follow shallow celebrities.

8. You Get What You Deserve:

For those who are always talking shit but never do anything “your once proud moment is all in the past, what have you done all these years?”

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