Track By Tracks: Sarah Halter - The Doom That Binds Us (2023)


Having been originally written on the acoustic guitar, this song was re-arranged to leave a crushing impact. It wastes no time starting out with a bang with a guitar solo in the opening measures. The heavier breakdown in the middle was added during the recording of The Doom That Binds Us. This Solstice song points to the constant flux of seasons and the changes and challenges that come with them.

2. Bad Touch:

Listeners can interpret this song how they want. Still, I intended to make this song about dealing with emotional trauma and being aware of the possible cycles involved in situations surrounding it. There are many back-and-fourth ambient guitar, clean bass, and clean vocal sections paired with heavier breakdowns and distorted vocals.


If there is a song on this EP that is more closely aligned with symphonic and gothic metal, this would be it. With this being another song written on the acoustic guitar, I had such a blast producing and re-working it to fit in this EP and going so hard with perfecting the multi-octave vocal range throughout the song.

4. The Doom That Binds Us:

“Call it the doom!”

I had been working on this song over the years, some of that time with my previous band, Blue Clutch. Reworking it in line with my own image and production, this was the song that came first in this project’s recording and production. The groovy and bouncy progressive metal-styled guitar, bass, and drum aspects aligned with some spooky and daunting synths, a lengthy lead guitar solo, and a nearly 20-second scream mid-song deliver listeners the final blow of this EP as the title track.

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