Track By Tracks: Trapped In Thought - For Those Who Never Came Home (2023)

1. Sheltered/Exposed:

Exposed was one of the first songs we wrote as a unit, typically Stephen (guitar) usually comes in with a mostly fleshed-out song and it’s built upon from there, but with exposure it was built piece by piece together. It's about starting a new day but never really getting a fresh start, knowing that someone that you love is constantly lying to you and you have nowhere else to go. You look for the good in someone, but you come to the sad realization that they will never change.

2. Erode Through Me:

Erode through me was about a relationship that was slowly fading away without even realizing it, trying to grasp onto any little piece to keep it going, but it sadly never working out. We sat on the intro riff for this song for a while, not knowing where to have it go next. The funny thing is, once we wrote the next section we were able to finish the rest of the song in a couple hours.


Brotherhood is about one of Michael’s best friends, Ryan, that passed away in a motorcycle accident. Going from tragedy to pen and paper, he knew that this song would fit perfectly for Ryan. Thinking on the memories that Michael had of Ryan really made him cherish the good times they had. This is one of the oldest songs musically on the record, the opening riff being originally written in 2014. The lyrics for this song were always hard for Michael to write, and he had something written for it but wasn’t very happy with it. When Ryan passed Michael knew he needed to scrap it all and re-write it for him.

4. Still Sleep:

Still sleep is about being at a crossroads in life, battling which decisions to make knowing that it ultimately won’t make a difference. It’s about being consumed by your negative thoughts and almost submitting to them, but finally finding some sort of hope to push through and create a better life for yourself. This is another really old song musically, with the intro being written back in 2012 as an interlude for Trapped in Thoughts first EP. Ultimately it was scrapped and Stephen reworked the songs and brought them back to the band to build it into what it is today.

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