Band Biographies: Aphotic

Italian blackened death-doom band Aphotic formed in 2020 in northern Italy from current and former members of bands like Fuoco Fatuo, Blasphemer, and Ekpyrosis with the intent of constructing world-building, deeply atmospheric death metal soundtracking a philosophical and eschatological concept revolving around the expansion and ultimate fate, and death, of our universe. The band's influences coming from a diverse pletora or bands like Immolation, Bolzer, Triptykon, Evoken, Esoteric, Neurosis, and Godflesh have enabled the band to exalt this post-human concept and weave a multitude of moods and styles into a vast and abysmal canvas shrouded in dissonance and suffocating atmospherics. The result of this vision is the band's colossal debut album "Abyssgazer" (planned as a joint early 2023 release between Sentient Ruin and Nuclear Winter Records), crafted under the experience of audio engineer Greg Chandler from Esoteric (Priory Recording Studios, UK) and mastered by Colin Marston from Gorguts (The Thousand Caves Studio, NYC). The artwork courtesy of Chilean abstract painter Rodrigo Pereira, is an ominous vision of the cosmic abyss evoked by the music and completes a monstrous triad of visuals, concept and sounds of truly reality-defying proportions.

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