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Duality is the true creative force behind Burn The Ocean. In 2014, after more than a decade of activity, Nerve (Melodic Death Metal) and 2Novembre (Rock/Stoner), two of the most important yet extremely different genoese local acts, disbanded. As an act of consequence, the two masterminds behind the projects, Fabio Palombi (Nerve, Ritual of Rebirth and owner of Blackwave Studio) and Emanuele “Shuster” Pecollo (2Novembre, Volumi Criminali), decided to join forces in order to create a new musical journey which could be able to melt the best of both musical worlds.

Supported by a rock solid rhythm section inherited by 2Novembre (Valentina and Davide Di Maggio) and finding a common ground in their love for 90’s rock, the band recorded the first album, Come Clean, released in 2015 by Sliptrick Records. Upon release, the band started extensive touring in Italy and broke the country's borders in 2017 with a small tour touching some Balkan countries.

In order to consolidate an authentic and intimate style and follow the lead to achieve a more organic sound, the band decided to hit once again Blackwave Studio choosing to capture the new performance live. As a result of this process Zeit and Perspective, two self-produced EPs, were released in 2018. Shortly after the new music was released, Valentina Di Maggio (Bass) decided to leave the band replaced by Massimo “Kabuto” Repetto, well-known bassist of the band Ghandi’s Gunn (now Isaak) who had previously left music to be fully focused on his activity as a Designer and Illustrator. As Covid19 became a rapid pandemic, Davide Di Maggio decided to quit music. Forced to redesign its rhythmic engine the band found in Chris Parisi its missing piece.

Chris is a well-known musician and veteran in the local and national scene who put their signature drumming in several acts such as Zorn, Athlantis, Raza de Ódio, and Cadaveria during the last 20 years. With the renewed lineup, the band entered once again Blackwave Studio to record a full album during the summer of 2022.


Burn The Ocean’s sound is often described as modern, fresh, and heavy yet organic and intimate. You can easily find the band jumping from a “Radio Ready” song to a more classic yet dirty rock one always trying to maintain its huge and groovy impact sound without resulting in too many derivatives. BTO’s secret weapon lies in having two main very distinct and recognizable vocal personalities which often melt together alternating solo and choral moments.

This is often described as the band's main trademark.

More than 20+ years of experience on stage and in the studio and more than 20 albums individually recorded through the years since early 2000, made this band ready for any kind of future challenge. Among the band members, you can also find a very experienced professional designer/illustrator and a skilled music producer with more than 15 years spent producing national and international metal and rock acts in its own studio.

The new album entitled “Modern Ruins” has been recorded and mixed by Fabio Palombi at Blackwave Studio and Mastered by the guru Giovanni Versari (Muse). Modern Ruins is a solid rock album that is intended to act like a wormhole between contemporary rock and 90’s grunge and alternative rock. The band worked very hard on this release which includes tracks written during a 4 years period. This is what Fabio, the main composer, producer, and singer/guitarist has to say about it: “Modern Ruins is the sum of what we, as a band and rock enthusiasts, really love about rock music.

Writing these songs took us 4 years so there is no wonder about the fact that we consider it a large collection of singles. I mean that there’s so much cure in the arrangements that we really had a difficult time choosing the right tracks to be used as singles in order to promote the album. Lyrically speaking there’s a lot of sadness and resignation within the songs. We wanted to explore the psychological consequences of dealing with modern society so that the music can be described as a soundtrack to real life, which we believe is far from the one a lot of people try to show us on social networks”.

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