Band Biographies: Grandiosa Muerte

The Death/Black Metal and obscure project Grandiosa Muerte presents its first single “Sibila” inspired by Hypatia of Alexandria, a pagan scientist and symbol of free thought.

After the pandemic and as a result of mental struggles, distortion and frenzy, Max Gutiérrez Sánchez, Costa Rican musician (Advent of Bedlam and Dusk) presents his first solo material, recorded and produced by himself, at Cavan Studio in Heredia, Costa Rica under the pseudonym of “Hermes”. Through operations programmed on the drums, Grandiosa Muerte materializes an intense and direct percussion, his guttural voice recites lyrics in Spanish accompanied by the metallic harmony of a power trio and synthesizers, all tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz instead of the usual 440 Hz frequency. Their themes honestly evoke occult forces that alter the ego and connect us to a powerful and personal sound experience.

Two official videos have been released for the songs “Destino” and “Sibila” which are part of the album “Egregor”, released by Bitume Productions (France) in January 2023. “Egregor” is made of eight tracks in total, mixed and mastered by the experienced Colin Marston (Gorguts, Imperial Triumphant) in his studio Menegroth - The Thousand Caves (New York, USA).

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