Band Biographies: Truism

Right time, right place, right people.

What better time and place to start a modern metal band than a Meshuggah and Decapitated concert?

On June 6, 2018, after this mind blowing concert in Warsaw, two completely new friends - Dzvon and Slaver, decided to set off together on an adventure filled with heavy music . The foundations laid by them took the shape that bears the name of Truism.

Fronted by Dzvon - fresh blood, just a year before meeting Slaver, he took the role of rhythm guitarist / backing vocalist in Acid Drinkers - one of the most influential Polish metal bands of all time. And he took it by storm! Taught by performances alongside one of the greatest leaders of the Polish scene, similarly to him, this time he stood in the middle, taking over the duties of the vocalist and frontman in addition to the guitar.

Slaver - co-founder, extremely talented drummer, currently an honorary member of the formation for personal reasons. Replaced in 2022 by Bartosz Dudycz, a groovy/flesh-and-blood drummer, who already crossed paths with Dzvon to create music in Veal (band currently on hiatus).

The role of the right winger, despite the efforts of several titled guitarists, was taken by the proven and worthy of the highest of the candidates of trust, Maciej Morawski, with whom the leader of Truism also shares a fruitful common past in Veal.

The band, needing a solid foundation in the low frequency just as a proper bed needs a solid mattress, turned to another outstanding candidate. The left wing and the prominent bass drone in Truism are taken care of by Mihau Kaleciński - one of the most talented and conscientious bassists of the Polish scene. Known for his unquestionable contribution to the work of such outstanding bands as None, Flapjack, or OCN.

Four souls completed and synchronized in the rhythm of one heart began their march. No fan of modern metal should be indifferent to this rhythm and note. The band, based on its experience with the greatest ones, serves the Polish scene with a dose of fresh energy that it needs so much at the moment. This makes Truism one of the most anticipated debuts of the Polish metal scene

A foretaste of the team's capabilities will be served soon. Truism ended 2022 with a bang, giving fans of Polish metal Ad Personam - the first single from the Insanitarium EP release, which will see the light of day at the beginning of 2023. The material was co-produced by Tue Madsen - an outstanding producer known for his cooperation with Suicide Silence, Meshuggah, Black Dahlia Murder, and others.

For the first quarter of the year, Truism announces the first concerts and the continuation of work on a full-fledged long-play. So the future takes on beautiful colors, and the next chapters of this story are waiting with the band for their unique debut ...

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