Behind The Artworks: Icestorm - The Northern Crusades (2023)

The album artwork was done by Piotr Arendzikowski, a Polish illustrator specializing in historical war scenes. We didn't think he could agree to want to do the illustration for us but surprisingly he agreed. He made quite a few sketches based on the ideas that we were proposing, maybe one day we will publish them, and finally he understood our idea, which was none other than to make the illustration be seen in its entirety once the physical disc was opened. It is a battle scene in which the Teutonic cavalry is charging against the Novgorod army, the ice partly breaks under their feet and apparently it may seem that this cavalry is about to overwhelm, which perhaps was not entirely the case. I recommend that you visit Piotr's Artstation as this illustrator has a spectacular talent and his illustrations could be in the Louvre without any problem.

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