Behind The Artworks: Litost - Pathos (2023)

The artwork of this album shows an eclipse that, through the encounter of the Sun and the Moon, may represent the duality, double edge, or conflict. Beneath the eclipse, there is a desert with small dunes caressed by a soft and warm wind. This is a direct reference to the second interlude of the album "Barján de Céfiro".

These elements are related to the variety of emotions displayed within the lyrics and the music, topics like internal conflicts, persuasion, subjectivity, personal problems, rage, or impotence.

The new logo, with Romanesque columns and horseshoe arches made of stone, is clearly inspired by Mozarabic culture, which is part of the past and the future of Spain.

This mixture of oriental and occidental influence can be seen at some point in our music.

The color of the artwork and the new logo is completely dull grey, right in the middle of black and white, the exact messy point where good and evil are so difficult to tell.

The author of this art is Pablo Ruiz Valls, who has designed the cover and the new logo, taking as a starting point the previous logo in Ethos, which was created by Pedro Soriano Miralles, our bassist.

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