Behind The Artworks: Misanthropik Torment - Ecdysis (2023)

The artwork for Misanthropik Torment's Ecdysis album was created by Deden Yudi Wahyudin.

This piece of art tells the story of a King of Satan who prays in the dark of night for the forgiveness of so many sins. Fitting for Misanthropik Torment and the new album.

Ecdysis comes from the Greek word ekdusis, which means “put off.” It describes the process by which arthropods and insects shed their outer cuticle (exoskeleton), or how reptiles shed their old skin. This process is necessary in order for the organism to grow. The term for the cuticle or skin that is lost is exuviae. This is another Greek word and it means “things stripped from the body"

Musically we went old-school Black Metal on this. Lyrically and vocally it was a mix of old-school death metal and old-school black metal thus blackened death was born.”

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