Behind The Artworks: Our Last Crusade - Death Wins (2023)

For this album, we wanted something that stood out, was vibrant, bright, and unique, but still carried this undertone of doom and desolation. Depicted here is an alien planet where monstrously large twisted sunflowers decorate the Dune-like canyon landscape, where animal life is primordial and distorted, and the humanoid population is advanced, but not dominant. Not entirely positive on why a sunflower, but it spoke to us as being this icon of life and death for some reason, it evoked a strong sense of horror and beauty. This also ties in thematically to the seventh track, Flowerhead, in which the humanoids seek to tame the nature surrounding but bring about the wrath of a dormant colossal dominant hive mind creature called the flowerhead in the process. The entire album is a collection of parables in which mankind seeks to control or outwit death, but ultimately finds itself at its mercy, and must seek to enjoy the time given rather than try to prevent the inevitable. We sought to show a world in which Death wins, but its work is not yet complete, Life continues to emerge and has its time in the sun before Death can claim it.

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