Behind The Tracks: CRS - The Failure (Single) (2023)

It’s in the vein of melodic death metal. With a couple of odd-time signature parts. Melodic solos are influenced by albums like Obituary’s Cause Of Death or Carcass’ Heartwork. There are also clean guitar passages that we really like to hear (like on Meshuggah’s early works: Contradictions Collapse, None and DEI). We really like that the bass is not doing the same thing as the guitars, it’s doing its own thing. The drum track came out awesome, with great double-kick patterns and fills throughout the song. We aimed for more natural-sounding drums and I believe we achieved that. The blended vocals from both singers really move the song forward and I dare you to guess which part is sung by a female and which by a male (without looking at the video of course). We are extremely happy with how the track came out in all areas (composition, sound, etc.).

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