Track By Tracks: EON - Kalash Blood & Bones Pt. 1 (2023)

1. Come Down:

The first track "Come Down" is musically a mix of thrash and power metal in the sense of groove, with spices such as death and hardcore, in terms of lyrics there is a set of questions and answers with the bassists who occasionally provide a second hardcore typed voice while the singer remains in a death metal or black metal register. The song begins with a wild solo guitar. Lyrically "Come Down" can identify with more situations and everyone is free to translate it to his experience, to make it simple it speaks of cowards hiding behind and waiting for others to sacrifice.

2. Welcome To The Pyramid:

The second track "Welcome to the Pyramid", musically it is anchored in 90s metal (riffs like Slayer, Pantera and Carcass ) with a modern sound, at the level of singing it is Thrash with modern screaming parts, and a chorus almost sung clear. There’s a melodic speed solo guitar part. In the beginning was a joke between us on tour when we sometimes listened to French rap, it is about the conspirationists: we are obviously in a "role play" One pretends to be a conspirationist to finally denounce their faults, but this with benevolence because given the world in which we live, one can understand that some crack.

3. Highlanders:

The third track "Highlanders" musically begins with guitars harmonized in the style of Carcass then it goes on with modern metal and hardcore, there is a melodic guitar solo and a black metal passage. The singing style adapts to each part. And it is a nod to the film, indeed we explain that we have been parading the fashions and some bands for years and that we are still there even more extreme than ever.

4. Kalash:

For the fourth track "Kalash" musically it’s Suicidal tendencies on steroids, the text is in French and very direct and is not afraid to be extreme in our words, the idea came naturally after a loved one was a victim of police repression.

5. Locked In Hell:

The fifth track "Locked in Hell" musically it’s a mix of thrash punk hardcore and rock n roll, it is about nightmares that are very trying and that we are looking for the way out, it is an allegory of our recovery processes in the face of personal dramas.

6. Fraggin:

The sixth track "Fraggin" is a crossover between black metal and neo-metal and tells the story of soldiers who lose their temper with their hierarchy, but it’s not only in the army that we find "good little soldiers"...

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