Track By Tracks: Shadow Rebels - Liquid (2022)

The first EP by Israeli Post-Grunge/Hard Rock band.

EP includes two Singles from the forthcoming fourth full-length album, and marks a certain turn of the band in terms of musical style. Thanks to the appearance of a new drummer, the music got rid of the complexities inherent in Progressive Rock and came closer to mainstream Hard Rock. Fast, bold, unstoppable - this is how Shadow Rebels sounds now! The melodies of the chorus will stay in your head for a while and encourage you to listen to them again and again.

The first song, "Cry!", is about eternal – relationships, hypocrisy, and women's use of tears as a weapon.

The second song is about the Spirit of Water. No mysticism – simply about the meaning of life, which is impossible without water, from a small stream to the ocean.

"Liquid" is recommended for lovers of good old Hard Rock and classic Grunge of the 90s!

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