Track By Tracks: Stormbreaker - Vengeance (2023)

1. Stormbreaker:
The opening song Stormbreaker is a dynamic, and energetic melodic metal song that will kick your ass! It's about breaking everyday life’s boundaries to create equality between humankind and nature.

Silence=Death is a song about finding your passion and your place in the world by following your own path despite other people's opinions. It's a rapid power song served with an annoyingly catchy chorus.
3. Throne:
Throne, tells a story of Mother Earth plotting her vengeance against heartless humankind. She's ready for some justice. It is a song with strong melodies and a hellish attitude!
4. The Crimson Eyes:
The last song, The Crimson Eyes, is about consuming love that intoxicates you while it scatters poisonous lies in disguise. It wraps up the EP with powerful riffs that demand some serious headbanging!

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