LACERATION MANTRA is an intense uncompromising blackened old school death metal band. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, their original sound and songwriting is a culmination of many years’ experience drawing upon each songwriters individual musicianship and influences within the varied heavy music spectrum.
The current lineup consists of:

Scott Edgar – Guitars
Rob Rieff – Bass and Vocals
Anthony Dwyer – Drums

Formed in 2009 their first album “Prolonging the Pain” was released in 2011 on Obsidian Records. MT-UK webzine: “these guys have created a beast of an album which will not only send the old school fanatics into misty-eyed nostalgia but also genuinely excites and brutalizes as you would expect a good death metal album to do”.

An Australian run of shows and international support followed to back up this release. The second album “Infested” was completed in 2016 but was never officially released, yet was spread as promo CD-r in a handful of copies. Kelly Tee Heavy Mag: “Infested is a frenzy of uncompromising and intensely dark-blackened death metal”.

The band has played many of Australia’s major metal festivals including:

The Dead of Winter Festival – Brisbane
East West Grindfest – Sydney
Terrorizing the Earth- Melbourne
Shredfest – Adelaide
Under the Southern Cross – Sydney
Insurrection of Darkness – Melbourne

To date LACERATION MANTRA has played with many international acts including Sinister, Grave, Macabre, Primate, Dead Congregation, Krisiun, Incantation, Nervo Chaos, Coffins, Destroyer 666, Marduk, Gorguts, Entombed AD, Angel Corpse, Dark Angel, The Haunted, At the Gates and Venom Inc.

At present LACERATION MANTRA are about to demo 10 finished tracks for their third full-length release. Tracking has now commenced for album number 3

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